Limited Edition: Only 600 will be made

   (5 per State/Province)
High Performance Chevy 350 specifications
Type# Year Displacement bore Compression Power in DIN horsepower Peak Torque
350 5.7 87-95 350 ci
Maximum bore of .030
9.5:1 250hp@4500rpm 328 ft/lbs @ 3,250 RPM
Option 1
305 V8 engine

Option 2
350 V8 engine

Option 3
2.4 911S engine

Color choices
Ruby Red
Canary Yellow
Midnight Blue

Wheel choices
Chrome or Gold

bullet2.gif (845 bytes) All new or rebuilt parts
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) 4-Bolt Mains
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Cast Pistons with Moly Rings
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Brand New EPC Camshaft
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Valve Lift .442"/.444", Duration 278/288
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Chrome Stem Intake / Exhaust Valves
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Valve Springs and Rocker Arms
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Lifters and Pushrods
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Double Roller Timing Chain
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Melling Oil Pump
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) New Oil Pan, Timing Cover
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Edelbrock Manifold
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Holley 600cfm
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Blocks are bored with deck plates
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Cylinder walls are diamond honed
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Crankshafts are ground and polished
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Chrome Valve Covers

bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Option: 4 or 5 speed transmission
Additional performance options are available.
To request additional options or info e-mail Dan Mason: