Limited Edition: Only 600 will be made

   (5 per State/Province)
2.4L 911 specifications
Type# Year Characteristics Displacement bore x stroke in mm Valve size in mm Port size in mm Compression Power in DIN horsepower Peak Torque
911/53 1984 2.4 911S engine mechanical injection 84x70.4, 2341cc I 46, E 40 I 36, E 36 8.5:1 190hp@6500rpm 158 lb/ft @ 4000rpm
Option 1
305 V8 engine

Option 2
350 V8 engine

Option 3
2.4 911S engine

Color choices
Ruby Red
Canary Yellow
Midnight Blue

Wheel choices
Chrome or Gold

bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Starting with a Premium long Block
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) All new or rebuilt parts
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Big Valve 042 Dual Port Heads
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Bosch Generator
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Bosch Blue Coil
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Bosch 009 Distributor
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Double Thrust Cam Bearings
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Heavy Duty Oil Pump
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Hi Carbon Steel Pushrods
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Heavy Duty Swivel Adjusters
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Weber 44 mm Carburetors
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Bosch Ignition Wires
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Solid Rocker Shafts
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Recondition German Sheet Metal
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Cima Mahle Piston & Cylinder set
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Chrome Valve Covers
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) 8 Dowel Crankshaft & Flywheel
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) Counterweighted Stroker Crankshaft
bullet2.gif (845 bytes) 4 or 5 speed transmission
Additional performance options are available.
To request additional options or info e-mail Dan Mason: